Saturday, July 21, 2007


Hmmm I've been tagged and not really sure what that is or who I'll be tagging in return! lol Let's see... 7 random things about me. Well, let me show you my roses first. I love to grow roses. This picture was taken the middle of June. They're looking pretty sad right now since the deer have discovered them. There are hardly any flowers left on them. :(

1. I was born in Albany Oregon and grew up there... missed Brooke many times when I went to visit Sweet Home where she grew up. Just don't know how we didn't meet when we were in High School.

2. I asked my hubby out on our first date.

3. Didn't want any kids and ended up with 6!

4. My first name is Ann Mary... no middle name. How weird is that? My mom thought my name would be too long if I had a middle name too.

5. Met Brooke earlier this year! That was a high light of the year and I get such funny looks when I talk about finally meeting an online friend.

6. Sewing, scrapbooking, card making, cross stitching, crocheting... but, scrapbooking and card making are the ones that I do all the time anymore. Don't seem to have time for the others.

7. hmmm let's see. I love to squish spiders and stomp ants. Does that qualify for strange info about me? lol


  1. Love the fun facts!! I have no idea why we didn't cross paths growing up. It's not like we lived in LA or something for heaven sakes, Our little valley really was not that big.

    Ya I get weird looks from family when I speak of my online friends. Like I am some sort of strange-o, well I am but that is beside the point :)

    Have you tried any liquid fence on your roses? Your Garden center should carry it and it really does work, my brother uses it and they have TONS of deer.

  2. Very nice to meet you personally Ann Mary!!! I just followed your link from 3Scrapateers! I am SO glad that you found us.

    Your cards are BEAUTIFUL!!! Did you know that one of our DIVAS (owners) hosts a card swap in the forum? She would just LOVE to have you join in! You are VERY talented and I SO miss my paper crafting - NOT scrapping mind you, but making cards and other goodies. All of my scrapping is now done digitally and I actually think that I just MIGHT have a chance to make a dent in my 40 years of photos before I stop breathing!!!

    I also squish spiders!!!

    So, we have a few things in common besides six kiddos!!! CRAZY??? Hmmm .... one of my twins has recently nick-named me that on occasion!!! ROFL!

    Have a BEAUTIFUL tomorrow and I hope to see you in the chatroom again soon!

    Oh, VERY kewl that you've been able to meet an online friend! I have done so a few times over the years!

    I have to admit, my BEST friends are all online!

    Brooke and Ann, when people make snide remarks to me about having online friendships, I gently remind them of how many people use to marry their PENPALS years ago!!! Same, same ... just stepped up a bit!