Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Wedding Invitation

My oldest daughter is getting married this summer and so I've been busy arranging everything for her since her mind this year has been on school and graduating and not on wedding plans. This is the invite that I put together for her. She is a music education major and planning on going on to graduate school for a master's in conducting. Nathan is also very musical (they both play tuba and piano), so we felt that a musical invite was appropriate for them. All paper is from Club Scrap. The black and ivory printed is from their Musical Interlude kit of Dec. '05. I was very glad that they still had this paper in stock. The black paper has musical instruments printed on it. We made sure the plain side was up so that when you turned the invite over the print showed. The top paper is a gorgeous pearly/glittery vellum from the Dec. 07 kit called Sparkle.