Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Jan 26 layout

All I was able to do yesterday was to put a picture into a "Scrapatit" by Linda Walton. This is from her Jeanealogy of a Man kit. My back has been giving me problems and yesterday I spent most of it in bed and at the chiropractors office. It is lots better today so that is why I'm able to post yesterday's and today's layout.


  1. When I saw Daniel I thought I had missed you layout somehow I really really like that kit, and Kirstens page is gorgeous, glad you are feeling better today Ann no fun having a bad back. Don't over do

  2. Sorry about your back, I KNOW what a pit that can be! Bed hurts me more than sitting at the computer.

    Great layout too love that photo and what in the heck is a scrapatit, ummm funny name! lol