Sunday, February 15, 2009

Feb 15

I laugh every time I look at this layout. I'm strange and like to play around with kits to see what I want to use before I pick out a picture. I do this when I scrap with paper as well. I got this layout done and found this beautiful picture of a deer that roams our neighborhood with it's mom and sibling. The journaling says, "One of the 3 deer that ate on my roses. So much so that I didn't get any blooms." By the end of the summer we had 5 deer that came through our yard eating our roses, tomatoes, petunias and apples. This is much too beautiful a layout to commemorate the rose eating deer, but the picture fit! lol


  1. Ann it is a beautiful page and I really love the picture of the deer but I know how destructive they can be also sorry about your roses

  2. Beautiful page and do love deer but they are eating my azaleas now so they are quickly loosing points. Sorry about your roses.

  3. I only like deer if they are in someone elses yard! lol

    Love the layout and the deer seems to be saying 'What are you looking at' lol

    You need to get some 'Liquid Fence' my brother has a gazillion deer and it is the only thing that seems to work