Monday, February 2, 2009

Feb 2 & Feb 3 layouts

Here are Week 2 layouts for Project 365. My family has been having fun checking out the photos I've been taking. Week 3 layouts will have pictures of my family when I get around to posting them! lol So many everyday things around the house are just begging to be photographed. So I've been trying to do those since I always take pictures of my kids. Same kit as Week 1.


  1. Love these! I used that same line frame in the week I am trying to catch up on, I think it is week 3! lol I hope you are posting these in the w&w gallery, I am going to start posting there cause Gina has been giving out goodies for those who are keeping up! :) Now I just have to keep up hee hee

    I had no idea there was something you could hook up to your computer to burn records! But I guess I should have guessed there would be. That is totally cool :)

  2. @ more great pages Ann looks like you and the Brookster are neck and neck on this project.