Saturday, February 21, 2009

Feb 21

Here is the other half of my weeks layout. The kids are laughing their heads off that I'm still taking one picture a day. But I have enjoyed the challenge of finding that "just right picture". Not the perfect one, but a unique one and maybe even one that needs to be taken.


  1. OOOH poor Kirsten no fun being sick and Caleb did a awesome job on your valentine Lucien has those and he loves them love the shelves for your stamping supplies and that coffee cake sounds divine Ann enjoyed spending another week with you GF.

  2. Oh poor baby! Did she throw a shoe at you when you took her picture! lol

    What a sweet Valentine gift :)

    You have ummm just a few stamps! lol

    That looks yummy and I want a piece right now! hee hee

    Great layout my friend