Wednesday, April 8, 2009

April 8

Here is the first half of week 14. I'm so happy that I'm keeping up! What an awesome feeling that is. Weeds and Wildflower's new kits have mostly been in the same color scheme as their Life 365 kit so it makes it really easy to mix and match everything. For this layout I used Life 365, Spring Fever and Gingham Gallop kits.


  1. I LOVE the spring like colors in the background paper, really sets the mood for the layout!

    That is awesome that your kids are getting into taking pictures and aren't we glad to have DIGITAL cameras. lol

    Why was she not happy about wearing the skort, she looks adorable :)

    I wish I was keeping up with the layouts for P365! I keep thinking I am going to have a day to just scrap and catch-up, but umm then I remember it is SPRING in the nursery business! lol

  2. Hi Ann,
    Boy that is some set of tracks the kids have put together, Is this clarise final wall she is prepping? Like Brooke said Kristen looks adorable and I do hope the deer leave your roses alone.