Thursday, April 9, 2009

April 9

Here is the 2nd half of week 14. Same kits as yesterdays layout. This is my neighbors Star Magnolia. It is always glorious at Easter.


  1. I love these Magnolias but we usually get just enough cold to give them a little burn and turn 1/2 the flowers brown! Bummers

    Once again I am just so sorry for your loss, one thing that always comforts me during a time like this is thinking of the celebration going on in Heaven with the arrival of your loved one.

  2. Oh I forgot to say I love the 2nd part of your P365, cool way to put them together and mix things up a bit with one big photo on the 2nd page!

  3. This is gorgeous tree Ann, and I am so sorry for your loss again so soon after your brother.