Tuesday, March 9, 2010

March 1-7

Depression is a terrible thing to deal with. About a month ago I realized that I had been suffering from depression for some time. Thankfully I realized what was wrong and I'm now a part of a Grief Share group which is helping tremendously. I didn't realize how much my older brother's death had affected me. Please, if you think that you are suffering from depression go talk to someone... you might not even realize what a burden it is until it is lifted.

I have used Weeds and Wildflowers Sweet & Simple kit #3 for this layout. I am really loving these new kits that Gina Marie Huff is creating every month.

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  1. Ann that is a beautiful sunset and I just love the picture of Caleb sitting on your lap how sweet.
    GF I am so glad you are in a support group no one really understands unless they are going through themselves keep your chin up.