Monday, April 25, 2011

New Cards

Here are the cards that I put together this past month. I used to get as a side order the Greetings to Go with my Club Scrap kit. When I got these sets they just didn't speak to me and so they never got done. Club Scrap includes what they call ALSB instructions (Assembly Line Scrap Booking) with their kits which I appreciate sometimes. I really, really love making original cards, but these had sat in my storage box for too long (2 years at least). So I printed up the ALSB instructions and made them for my family to use. I'm doing the happy dance too because there is one less box in my scrapping area! The kits these cards came from are Sparkle, Bistro, Be Still, Cruisin', From the Heart & Chapter One.

April 25

Hello! I haven't totally dropped off the face of earth just off of cyberland. I was sick, sick, sick for a couple of weeks, the video card in my computer died and then life got really busy all of a sudden. But now we're past our Spring break and I'm ready to post again. I still don't have a new computer (still need to order all the parts) but my oldest son graciously let me borrow one of his old video cards that has been sitting around so that I can at least be on. I've been crafting but haven't taken any pictures yet of the final product. That is on my list of things to do this week.