Sunday, April 10, 2016

5 days

This little guy has never been 'little'. At 5 days he had gained at least a pound from his birth weight. He is amazing. The day this picture was taken his mom and I had run to the coffee shop for a drink and he was sound asleep when we got back. Such a sweet picture that I just had to take before we took him out of his car seat. He woke up of course as soon as we took him out.

For this layout I used pieces from multiple kits: Candid Moments by Amanda Yi, Harmony by Blue Flower Art, Smile Is Your Day by Chunlin Designs, Embracing Life by Jumpstart Designs, Dance in the Rain by Sherri Ferguson and Adventure Time by Vera Lim Design. They are all found in this month's Daily Digi Files. I also used a template from Creative Blending Templates Vol. 7 by PrelestnayaP Design.

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