Sunday, June 5, 2016

May Roses

My roses, like all the other flowers, are early this year. If the fall is mild I'll have blooms into November. For a long time they bloomed beautifully. Then one year the deer population in our little town exploded. Since you can't bow hunt in town any more they over run your yard and eat everything that blooms. So my roses (and everything else) started looking pathetic. I figured that if the deer ate on them another year they would be dead. However, we picked up some fish oil fertilizer that you use as a foliar feed and since we started using it the deer have left the roses alone. We also put up an 8 foot fence around the back yard to keep them out of our vegetable garden and apple trees. They're cute in the forest but horrible to have in a town in your gardens.

For this layout I used Creative Blending Templates Vol. 2 by PrelestnayaP Design and It's a Spring Thing kit by Kimeric Kreations. Thank you for looking!

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